Time laughs at me, Does it laugh at you?

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time laughs at me

My relationship with Time is complicated. Time laughs at me! Who is time for me? Someone I expect to come at the right time with right gifts, like Santa, but always arrives at the wrong time.

First item on my wish list when I was a little kid

When I was a little kid, I used to visit Church with my mom. For me, visiting church was a smart reason to visit a toy shop, which was near the church. Like Dora the Explorer, I explored the toys in the shop. From small Mickey mouse type toys to toys bigger than me, from colorful soft toys to battery operated lifelike toys, it was a visual delight! Every Sunday I entered the shop empty-handed and left the shop with new toys. Even in the middle of lots of toys, I always looked at helicopter toy — big size, remote controlled. I couldn’t get the toy I wanted the most that time because, for my mom, it was a bad toy for me. Mom is always concerned about my safety than my happiness. From her perspective, the batteries contain lead which is a poison, also the helicopter fan has sharp ends.

At that time, my parents were Central Govt employees, so occasional transfer orders from office were common. Dad got a transfer order to Air Force Station at Jalahalli in Banglore. So we packed our stuff and moved to new place. Bye helicopter toy — my childhood obsession.

Getting right gifts at wrong time

My early school life began in Banglore. Since I was at an Airforce quarters, I could see helicopter every day. Like Agnes, a little girl in film ‘Despicable Me’, is crazy for a unicorn, seeing helicopter every day made me crazier.

After I completed my 2nd class, Dad and mom decided to take voluntary retirement and settle somewhere peacefully, spending quality time with family. So after 2nd class, my family moved to Kerala(a state in South India). For me, it was: New school, new friends, and new priorities. My craze for helicopter had faded away as I was crazy for a new thing — cycle! My dreams were filled with my ride on a cycle, from steep roads to downwards traveling at blazing speeds. Time first laughed at me on my birthday, when I got a helicopter toy as a gift. Instead of dancing in joy, I felt normal because I wanted a cycle. My parents are so concerned about my safety that they bellowed, “Now don’t cry like a baby, you will get cycle as a gift when you are a big boy.”

After a few years, computer subject was added to the school syllabus. As a result, my school bought a new computer. For all students, it was like seeing an alien spaceship! The mouse seemed so cute, the keyboard seemed like the mother of the calculator, the CPU looked like a box with a tiny gap to insert the floppy disk and the monitor displayed something — Windows 98. Soon computer became the most favorite subject for all students. Everybody was so excited to see the computer. It was survival of the fittest — one computer for more than forty students! The strongest and smartest kids survived and got more chance to use this amazing piece of technology. As a shy student, I rarely got chance to use it. I started to think,”Why I have to wish for a cycle? It is nothing compared to a computer. A computer can play music, games, movies!” So now you know my next wish — Computer!

When I was in 9th class, I got a cycle as my birthday gift. I had lost interest in the bicycle and I rode it occasionally. Because of my carelessness, my cycle got rusted in a year and I sold it to a scrap dealer. After a few years, I got a computer and I was overjoyed. Finally, the time had shown some mercy and I got something before losing interest. I spent most of the time playing games, watching movies etc and within a few months, I felt bored. I wanted to do something great, to make a game or make a software. In order to do something great in the tech world, I needed the knowledge and for knowledge I needed internet.

Internet — The precious gift that arrived late

My virtual life or internet life began in 2010. Dad rejected my request for a broadband connection and I had to adjust to my dad’s phone with 2G speed internet. Anyway, I had access to web pages and I started to learn basics of programming. Because of the slow and limited internet(15Kb/sec), I was unable to access tutorial videos to understand advanced topics. Anyway, I learned to create small games, simple websites etc with my limited knowledge. I got a good internet connection after 3-4 years, and by that time, I was far behind in tech world. Make a simple app like notepad and publish on play store, a simple web app on facebook — the possibilities were easy and endless. Unfortunately, I was very late. If I had a good internet connection in or before 2010, I would be someone famous and rich within a few years. Now the golden chance is lost and I have to make something big and spent years for it to become famous.

Time always laughs at me. When I am single, I wish for a good girlfriend. As an introvert, I never have a chance in real life. When I started to love single life, I meet nice girls on social networks. When I like a girl, devote my whole time to her on virtual world, either she leaves social network for higher studies or is in love with someone else. When I search for a job or a project to earn money, I never get any chance. When I finally bid goodbye to programming world and became an artist doing digital paintings, I often get software works. So from my 25 years of life, what I have learned are:

  • “Receiving a precious gift at wrong time makes it worthless, especially material possessions”

From getting a helicopter toy to marrying the girl of your dreams, if you receive anything in life at the wrong time, it becomes worthless. It is like a 90-year-old man on a hospital bed, in a coma state, have won a ticket for a free world tour.

  • “Perfect timing is the key to success”

It doesn’t matter if you are adept at something, if you acquired your skills and knowledge lately, it will diminish your chance of success.

Time is in no mood to stop laughing at me, so I have torn my “wish list” and threw it in the waste bin. As I have no wishes now, I am laughing back at the time. Let’s see who will have the last laugh. 🙂

By Unni Babu

Hi, I am Unni Babu. I am an artist,programmer(game developer+web developer). In short, i am Jack of all trades,master of none :-D For more info, click on my social network profiles listed on the homepage. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

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