Unni’s font | A small tech experiment on a boring day

What a boring day. No new WhatsApp messages, no new emails, today feels like a dead day. Oh, I  almost forgot that I have to help my neighbour to fix his printer problem. The hp printer, with a scanner attached on it, is in my room, waiting for my software surgery to recover. After half an hour of software surgery(just some driver problem), I successfully fixed the printer this morning. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind— “Why don’t I use this printer for my experiment. The experiment plan that I had buried in my brain for long.”

Why Unni’s font?

Whenever I use text editors like notepad or MS Word, I always want to create my own font – “the Unni Babu font.” There are so many fonts online — Arial, Tahoma, Times new roman and the fonts list goes on. I have almost forgotten how to write on a paper because I am not a school/college student anymore. Also, I have a laptop and a phone to write whatever I want. My weird handwriting is fading from my memory. The weird handwriting that I acquired and perfected after writing a lot of impositions like “I won’t talk in the class(100 times)”, “I will be a good boy(200 times)” etc. It is high time I preserved my handwriting as a digital font for the future generations 😀

Unni’s font —The tech experiment

unni's font , creating custom font
creating own font –  unni’s font

July 7, 2018, is the date fated to witness my small experiment. I only have 1 or 2 hours to conduct this experiment. First I have to print the cells that I had made in photoshop. Ok, the cells are ready and I have to write each letter on the gridlines. Grid lines are used for mapping/align the font. Now using the scanner, the written pages are uploaded to my laptop. After half an hour of work, tadaaaa… It is ready!!! Yayyy.

Time for testing… “Computer, record my experiment.”(LIVE VIDEO)

Success 😀

To download this “professional” font, click here

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