Unseen emotions poem | An unexplored side of life

What hurts us the most? I think it is the unseen emotions buried deep inside our minds. Despite surrounded by many people, the feeling of loneliness hurts us the most. Everybody is there to clap for you on your success but nobody to listen to your problems. Everyone is interested in asking “How much do you earn?” instead of “How are you?” No wonder why the suicide rate is on a rise. The world has more people to understand complex scientific equations but fewer people to understand human emotions. The essence of a relationship is lost and now it is more like a business. People are very generous in sharing optimistic messages/quotes through WhatsApp but turn a blind eye when someone asks for a real help.Β Unseen emotions poem is dedicated to all lonely guys out there who are waiting for someone to understand them.

Unseen emotions poem

Oh, my beloved friends and relatives,
I am not a money-making machine.
There is an ocean of emotions,
Left in the depths of my mind unseen.

Oh, my sweetheart, who is always mean,
I can’t always make you feel like the queen.
Talking to myself in front a laptop screen,
Waiting for someone to enter this lonely scene.

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