Untouched feelings | A short poem about loneliness

untouched feelings short poem

“The society values your success and the people love your joyful face but nobody wants to know your pain, struggles and inner feelings. Everyone surrounds you with adulation when you are successful but turns their back when you are a failure. This poem is about the loneliness we feel deep inside as a result of living in this selfish world.”


Under the thick layers of my joyful face,
Exists my sad self which I can’t replace.
Behind my achievements that I proudly showcase,
Exists aching struggles which I can’t erase.

Nobody sails to the dark depths of my core
My feelings remain on a lonely Island’s shore.
My life is losing its joy and vigour
Hate wearing this joyful face that people adore.


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By Unni Babu

Hi, I am Unni Babu. I am an artist,programmer(game developer+web developer). In short, i am Jack of all trades,master of none :-D For more info, click on my social network profiles listed on the homepage. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


  1. So touching! Sadly Yes, usually people around us only judge and admire us based on how successful life we are living.. they don’t count our struggles and experience!!

    1. Yeah
      Everyone needs usa chocolates and toys and Nobody wants to know how kranti struggled to get there.. by studying hard, working hard, being a topper etc etc 😬

          1. Dhaya aur karuna ka sagar
            Jai jai kranti ji

            Wahaam abh day hei na
            Yahaam night hei
            Have a nice day kranti ji

  2. Are u alright unni?…
    We can’t wear a joyful face for long ..It’s self betrayal..Let people do what they want.. let they praise on your success and leave you alone when you are on a desperate situation. Let’s try to take it as their business and not something affecting us.

    1. yes
      but the loneliness is such a painful feeling that we desperately try to get the attention by wearing a joyful face

      1. I know how desperate it is..In fact most of us would have that stage in life..And you know , there can’t be any generic solution, as answers to escape from loneliness has to come from within…Try for your answers my friend…

        1. enik answer kitti… idaykk idaykk ingane comment/likes thann mind cheytha enik loneliness varillenna doctor paranje

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