What is forever mine? | Personal Journal #3

Once Perumthachan and his son Kannan were busy creating a dome of a temple.  “Perumthachan” literally means master carpenter. He was a legendary carpenter in Kerala who had a social status that others can only dream of.  Despite having great skills, Perumthachan never demanded the money he deserved and lived as a poor man. His son, who was as skilled as his father, was against his father’s attitude.

Kannan: ha ha ha

Perumthachan: Why are you laughing?

Kannan: We build magnificent palaces and temples according to Vastu Shastra.

Perumthachan: Yes, we do.

Kannan: We have enough knowledge to create a structure that attracts prosperity. Doesn’t Vastu Shastra work for us?

Perumthachan: Vastu Shastra is relevant everywhere. It is not only applicable to house, temples and palaces but also to heavenly abodes. So, why did you laugh my son?

Kannan: Father, Why can’t we make a house for ourselves that attracts great fortune? We have the knowledge and the skills to make such a house yet we aren’t trying to make one. So, I was laughing at our folly.

Perumthachan: We already have golden edifices in our mind. What in this world can defeat the beauty and value of the structures that reside in our minds? Aren’t they enough for us?

Kannan smiled and resumed his work.

What is forever mine? | inner thoughts

Everything in this world has an end. Is there anything that can escape from the sharp claws of fate? The answer is “mind” — the greatest gift from the heavens to mankind. Only the structures in the mind can last forever. Nothing in this world can ruin the structures residing in mind. They are never crawled by the scary worms from the cemetery nor poked by the beaks of jealous birds from the sky. No pirate can steal the treasure lying under the depths of the mind. A great writer/poet, an artist and a craftsman know this truth and live in a world of their own. They aren’t worried about their looks or their wealth because each failure they face in the real world becomes the building block of the magnificent structures in their mind. All the great writings, paintings, monuments are just shadows of the structures in their mind because only the mind can hold the weight of perfection.

Time for me to resume building structures in my mind with the bricks of my failures. I hope one day the society will have a glimpse of what I am building. Until then, they see me as a crazy jobless guy immured in a room.