Which side are you on this Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day, which side are you | unni's blog
Valentine's Day | unni's blog

Oh yeah! It is Valentine’s Day! B…bu…but why am I so excited as I am single? Maybe it’s because I got a topic to write. Today is the day of love. The day to propose someone and the day for successful lovers to celebrate, spend magical moments with the lover. Today is the day when beautiful ladies and handsome guys must swim across the ocean of love letters, online messages and costly gifts. I am annoyed when I get frequent notifications on my phone; I wonder how machomen and pretty girls tolerate tons of notification that they get on their phone today. May every nice person who have rehearsed last night to propose to their crush, with magical words, become successful. Ok, I am tired sugarcoating Valentine’s day with my words, now let me express my views about Valentine’s day.

A successful relationship creates two worlds

When a guy proposes to a lady, and she accepts his proposal, all we can see is two worlds merging into one beautiful world. A beautiful world of mutual trust, care, and other feelings. People who fall in love is in a dream world with their lover, ignoring everyone else. Unfortunately, it is not just about convergence, it is also about divergence. When a man and a woman start a romantic relationship, they converge into a beautiful world. But, others who deeply love that man or woman diverge into a new world of darkness.

In order to build something, you have to first destroy something else

While a cute couple is enjoying life together hugging, kissing each other, there is someone who listens to heartbreak songs and looks at mirror and cries. When a couple is having a romantic candlelight dinner in a five-star hotel dreaming to build a new world, someone else is heartbroken and drunk, struggling to walk.

In the drama of life, a prince and princess in love steal the spotlight leaving other characters into the darkness.

Choose your side wisely

From plucking a red rose to cutting the head of someone, a man/woman who is in love will do anything to win the heart. It makes us so blind that all we can see, think and dream is love.

Love is blind and if you are in love with someone, let me ask,”Which side are you on?” The bright side where all you can see is your lover and a beautiful future, or the dark side where you are willing to sacrifice your love because of various reasons — for parents, for friends or maybe to save your lover. Ask your conscience — Are your eyes filled with greed and lust? If the answer is “YES” from the inner mind, then I recommend you choose the dark side. It is far better to live in darkness by sacrificing than destroying the lives of many in the name of love. If you can’t love someone forever irrespective of physical appearance and money, then it is never “love”. Valentine’s day is not just about proposal and success, it is mainly about “sacrifice”. By Sacrificing the lustful attraction that you call “love”, you save your crush and yourself from getting hurt in future. Only choose the bright side and propose someone, if you are absolutely sure that your love and care are forever.

For all guys and girls who are going to surrender their heart to someone without knowing the character,”Time will make you realize the depth of your mistake. You will know that there is something beyond looks and money, but by that time the damage will have been completed. Never let your sudden feelings override your logic. Never fall for words, fall for actions”

To all broken hearts out there, always remember the universal truth that “Someone’s successful love is possible because of someone else’s failure. Someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend is someone else’s lost love” Instead of lamenting, accept the fact that majority of people in this world are on the dark side — the heartbroken side. You are not alone, so wipe your tears, accept the reality of life and move on. 🙂

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By Unni Babu

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