Workers of nature | Surreal oil pastel painting

During my school days, I used to hear the sound of the birds and feel the warmth of the tender sunlight early in the morning. Drawing the thick curtain in my room with beautiful flower designs aside, I used to see rare species of birds as well as squirrels. As a kid with Didaskaleinophobia (School phobia), watching these workers of nature in the morning made me relaxed every day. My neighbour Emmanuel Sir had a large area of land full of coconut trees and these coconut trees were the abode of birds and squirrels. The most delightful sights that I used to see outside the window were woodpecker trying to make a new home by drilling a coconut tree and the sight of squirrels happily running here and there. Watching them do their ‘karma’, I would forget my karma, that I had to go to school until my mom reminded me, “Unni… Get ready for schoooooool!!! You can’t act sick today because yesterday you already did. Better luck next week”

Workers of nature | Surreal Art

workers of nature art painting surreal
workers of nature | Surreal art

It has been many years since I saw a woodpecker or a squirrel because my life and surroundings have changed a lot. The sight I used to see every morning in my real life is now a memory.

This fond memory that I used to see in the morning has inspired me to create a painting. In this surreal style oil pastel painting, there is a squirrel with a construction plan. The woodpecker is a hard worker and both of them create great homes for others. They are nothing like humans who are greedy and corrupt. These workers of nature are sincere, grateful and they never harm their ecosystem. They respect the laws of nature and create structures that coexist with nature.

Afterthought: I really believe that there is a divine intelligence in nature with a master plan. The birds and squirrels are the construction workers of this divine intelligence. I laugh at the vainglorious boast of mankind about their skyscrapers, tunnels and other man-made structures. What can beat the architectural marvel of a bird’s nest, a beehive and an anthill? Oh, Mother Nature, I salute you!


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