World Emoji Day — July 17 — A short blog post

Today is World Emoji Day!!! A day to promote and celebrate the role of emojis in our daily life. For all those time travellers from a distant past who don’t know what an emoji is – welcome to present technology of messaging. Emoji is actually evolution/next-level of smileys, the brainchild of Shigetaka Kurita(a Japanese Scientist). I wonder how Japanese people get all these cute ideas. Fun Fact – Japan is the birthplace of many cute characters like “hello kitty”, “Pokemon” etc.

I still remember my early days of chatting where I had to use text-based/emoticons smileys to reflect my emotions. Some of the text-based smileys(or emoticons) were:

: – ) for smile

: – D laugh

: – / Angry face

These type of text-based smileys lack colour and feelings. Also, they were confusing for many newbie chatters.

Initial days of using emojis

I got the chance to use emojis for the first time when I had an android phone. The inbuilt SMS app had emojis and I was very impressed. I sent a few SMSs to my friends that had emojis. Unfortunately, most of my friends couldn’t understand what I had sent because their phone didn’t support emojis. All they got was box-shaped letters and question marks. They were like – “Oh! so this is what your phone is sending ha? Weird.. must be a manufacturing problem.”

The rise of smartphone technology and social network

Smartphones were like a rapid tech epidemic in the modern world. Android, iPhone, Windows smartphones drastically changed our lives. With the advent of smartphones, emojis became the new normal. Almost all smartphone operating system and apps support emojis. Social networking sites like Facebook and Chat apps like Whatsapp added tons of emojis to attract and help users.

World Emoji Day — Celebration

Emojis make our virtual life easy and more expressive. As a tech lover,  I love to celebrate this world emoji day by watching “THE EMOJI MOVIE” for the second time. For those who haven’t seen this amazing movie, I am adding this link to the movie’s trailer(click here).

Without emojis,  online proposals or I love you will look like a dead letter-smiley, like “< 3″, without any colour and feel.  Thank you Shigetaka Kurita for this amazing invention. Life is better with all the numerous emojis that convey more feelings: happy face, sad face, angry face, flags of many nations, buildings, foods etc.

Happy ” World Emoji Day ” to all  😀


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