Your silence | A short poem about loved one’s absence

What is more painful than a loved one’s absence? The anguish gifted by the silence of the loved one is something we never wish to feel even in our nightmares. I was bored today and thought about this situation. Fortunately or unfortunately, I was feeling lonely and it inspired me to write this simple poem.

Your silence | A Short poem

I try to smile but I always fail,
Like a sad picture hanging on a nail.
Looking at my phone, my face is going pale,
No text no WhatsApp no email!!!

I see the bright sun moving far away,
Abandoning the clouds with shades of grey.
Like a gloomy sunflower awake at midnight,
I yearn for you, my guiding light.

I miss myself every day,
As your heart is where I stay.
Even in the midst of your painful silence,
I am wishing for your surprise “Heyyy”.


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